Awesome Training…Great Trainer

Donna has background in the legal field and that knowledge was quite helpful in our training.  Plus, she was incredibly nice and accommodating! ~Mollee Johnston (Holden & Carr)~

The Best in Service, Training & Support

I have known Donna and Amy for many years and my firm has utilized their services in all areas – software training, software support and general ‘help desk’ for numerous programs, including Tabs3, Time Matters, Word, Word Perfect, Amicus, and Outlook.  They have provided timely support and absolutely superb training, whether attorneys or staff.  I highly recommend Donna and Amy for any area of software that a company may need – installing, training or support.  They are the best. ~ Bev McElroy (Mock, Schwabe, Waldo, Elder, Reeves & Bryant)

Great Service from a Great Team

We have been using Beyond Square One for years in connection with our firm’s case management software and would highly recommend the company. Donna, Amy and the rest of their team are very knowledgeable, extremely professional and always responsive to our needs. ~ Scott Lehman (Latham, Wagner, Steele and Lehman, P.C.)

Invaluable Service and Support

Beyond Square One was invaluable to us in our recent rollout of docketing software.  We involved them at the planning and configuration stage which allowed them a full understanding of why the software works the way it does in our environment.  They are on top of it! ~ Lorrie Salyards (Doerner, Saunders, Daniel & Anderson, L.L.P.)

Easy to Follow and Understand

Your Word 2010 manual was EXACTLY what I have been needing.  With this information, Word is only slightly more cumbersome than using stone tablets and a chisel. ~Ed Walton (Bush & Ramirez, LLC)

Training was just the right speed

Some people think that because they know a lot about a subject, other people should too, and tend to teach too fast and act irritated when asked questions. Donna is not like that—she’s courteous, helpful, and takes as much time as you need. I learned even more than I’d learned in other trainings, and I wasn’t bored!  -Lindsay Skinner (Conner Winter)

Lots of material, but easy to understand. . .

Despite the amount of material to cover in a short period of time, Donna never made you feel that your questions were too insignificant to spend time answering.  She never talked over your head and was able to explain the necessary applications with ease and practicality that enabled you to immediately put to use all that you had learned.  She is by far the best instructor I have ever had! – Vickie Carter (Fellers Snider)

Acrobat X

I really enjoyed the class. I learned a lot and will use the materials in many ways. Your presentation was excellent. I would highly recommend this course.


The best thing about the iManage course was that we were able to do actual hands on training.  That is what made the training relevant and important to what I needed to learn. – Shirley Owens (Smyser, Kaplan & Veselka)


This was one of the best courses that I have taken, that answered the questions that I have had regarding Table of Contents & Authorities. The best thing about the course was…The fact that it was so specific to the legal field. It addressed issues I’ve never been able to find out about before.

Time Matters

The best thing about the course was…I learned faster and more convenient ways to accomplish the same tasks. -Toni Weis


The Word training was great because Donna walked us step by step through each process to ensure that we learned the information. ~Carrie Jackson (Holden & Carr)~

It was really a pleasure working with you and watching/learning all about Styles.  In the few hours we worked, you have saved me days each month and months of time each year with Word Styles.  Our billing process will be much easier and our product will be consistent.  Creating the macros alongside the styles was fun and I’m in awe at how effortless you made it all appear.  I’m actually excited to begin our next billing cycle! ~Anthony Shalita (Slover & Loftus, LLP)~

The best thing about the course was…Everything—I can’t believe how long I’ve worked in Word—yet knew “very little” about it. Thanks for all the tricks. ~Angie Cox (Hartzog Conger Cason & Neville)~

This is the best Word class I have ever had and I’ve had many. It was so specific to the legal field and it cleared up 3 years of “winging it” since we switched to Word. Thank you!”

QuickBooks Nightmares

Thank you for your patience and understanding when helping me with all my QuickBooks issues. My accounting skills are basic (at best).  Your telephone support and screen sharing support saved me from the nightmares I was having in worrying about my accounting records.  Thank you! – Peggy Friedhoff (AlwaysOn Communications)

Microsoft 2010

Great seminar! We got out of it exactly what we needed. People in our office are excited to learn what we picked up. Great information and Donna was able to answer everyone’s questions in the seminar. Outstanding seminar. Well worth the time and expense. Definitely will make my life easier. – Oklahoma Bar Association, CLE Department

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