With all of the technology and software updates it’s hard to keep up, but when you have Beyond Square One on your side you don’t always need to! Let us help with any and all of your software technology issues.
We are here to make your life easier, and your business run smoother. The fastest way for us to know how we can best serve you and your company is to begin by having a conversation.
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Remote Support

Remote Support allows us to work after hours and provide less disruption to the users work flow. It can also be done one-to-one allowing us to show/train the user how to use or setup features within the software. Sessions can range from 5 minutes to all day depending upon the question. How do I...

  • Create a Table of Authorities within Word?
  • Refund money to a client within PCLaw?
  • Create a new field for a client’s date of marriage within PracticeMaster?
  • Enter a client payment within Tabs3?
  • Link an email to a matter in Time Matters?
  • Reconcile the bank account in QuickBooks?
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Office Support

Office support allows for more hands on assistance, and at times it is easier to “see” what is going on in your office with an actual visit. Can you assist with…

  • Scanning directly to my document management system?
  • Printing to different printers for checks and reports?
  • Creating a solution for saving our scanned documents?
  • Review our current physical file structure to make a move to an electronic document management system?
  • Create a new document assembly solution to fill in all the Workers’ Compensation forms from PracticeMaster or TimeMatters?
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