Document Wizard by Beyond Square One, is a software utility tool designed to automate the management of directory structures and files, making it easier to convert and import/export file structures across document management systems, network servers and local computer systems.  Document Wizard’s functionality includes: directory structure automation, creates comma separated files (.csv) for export/import capabilities and directory clean up by deleting empty folders within your directory structure.

iManage by Autonomy, is a matter-centric document management system that allows you to efficiently and effectively create, save, organize, and quickly retrieve your documents. iManage consists of two interfaces: FileSite and WorkSite. FileSite and WorkSite both integrate with Microsoft Outlook; however FileSite is completely accessed through Outlook. Beyond Square One provides Project Management and Training Classes for both FileSite and WorkSite applications.

NetDocuments by NetDocuments is a Cloud document management application that  allows you the freedom to access and work on your documents anywhere. Get to the Internet and login to all your documents. Create, edit, share and collaborate with others. Organize into folders based on clients or projects. Search the content of your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF’s, and emails. Have the peace of mind knowing your work is backed up and secured in world-class data centers.

Docs Open by OpenText is a client/server, Windows-based document management system that provides centralized repositories containing your organization’s data. Powerful search and retrieval tools make this data easily available for use and collaboration across entire enterprise platforms. Version control and security profiles ensure lifecycle document integrity. Beyond Square One provides Project Management and Training Classes on OpenText DOCS Open integrations.

Worldox by World Software Corporation is comprehensive document management software platform that offers smooth built-in file management tools with applications you already have.  Features include central document control system, layers of security and permissions, intuitive user interface, version control and more.  Beyond Square One provides Project Management and Training Classes for Worldox.

MetaJure, MetaJure Smart DMS automates document tagging and filing, creates a knowledge base of 100% of your organization’s email and documents (including image-based documents like PDFs and TIFFs) and allows you to find information quickly and easily.   MetaJure Smart DMS respects the system you already have in place. It automatically finds and catalogs all documents, whether on individual computers, your network, or other systems and in all of the programs you use, including Outlook, Microsoft Word. Most importantly, it incorporates the file names and folders that make sense to you, making retrieval intuitive and easy.

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