HotDocs by HotDocs Corporation allows you to quickly and easily convert word-processing documents and PDF forms into powerful productivity tools called templates. A template generates custom, transaction-ready documents from a question-and-answer interview in a fraction of the time it once took, all the while providing machine precision: every pronoun in the correct case, every verb in the correct tense, and all the right clauses in all the right places.

LegalBar by BEC Legal Systems, is a Microsoft Office add-in providing shortcuts, macros, templates and document production tools.  It also adds many legal-specific tools used in the daily workflow of document editing, collaborating and formatting. LegalBar features include: Styles and Numbering Guide, Legal Templates, Document Clean-Up Tools and the LegalBar Clause Library tool for quick and efficient document assembly.

Word by Microsoft is the industry standard in document creation, editing and sharing.  As a certified Microsoft trainer and provider for Microsoft Office products, Beyond Square One can install, configure, customize and provide individualized training and support for all your Microsoft Word needs.

WordPerfect by Corel continues to provide a solid solution in document creation, editing and sharing. WordPerfect also supports over 60 file types, including Office formats and has PDF built-in capabilities.  Beyond Square One can install, configure and create custom macros and toolbars to improve everyday workflow processes. Product Certified and Training Certified instructors are on staff to help.

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