Empowering Your Employees to Work Anytime, Anywhere and on Any Device

How would you like to end your daily commute to work? Wouldn’t it be nice to work from home, the beach, or anywhere you choose? Ask us about AirDesk Solutions and we can help that dream become a reality. Get the free guide “The Virtual Law Office: Empowering Your Employees to Work Anytime, Anywhere and […]

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Introducing CosmoPay

CosmoLex makes it easy for your clients to start accepting credit card payments with CosmoPay. For new LawPay accounts opened from within your CosmoLex application, CosmoLex will cover the standard LawPay $20 monthly fee for active LawPay users. Already have a LawPay account? No problem! Simply specify that within CosmoLex and you are all set.  […]

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Guide to Legal Accounting

Cosmolex, a leading cloud Practice Management software solution, is a great product to help streamline your law practice. Cosmolex’s own Rick Kabra, CEO, has co-authored a legal accounting book that is very well written, informative and easy to understand. For a limited time, you can access a free copy of Cosmolex’s Legal Accounting Guide. Click Here to […]

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Cloud Computing, should you go Private or Public?

If you are considering moving to a Cloud platform, this article by Morris Tabush is an informative read regarding using a private or public service.  Click Here

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2016 ABA Tech Survey shows increase in attorney use of iPhones, iPads

New survey results indicate that a record number of attorneys are using an iPhone in their law practice — 68.4%, up from 60.8% last year — and the number of attorney using iPads is also on the rise.  These numbers come from the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center, which conducts a survey every year to […]

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microsoft word training


Define the problem: The firm was fully embedded in WordPerfect, but more and more clients and courts were using Word exclusively. The decision had to be made to either upgrade WordPerfect with significant cost for a program which was quickly being replaced by Word v. training/transitioning to Word for document creation and dropping WordPerfect all […]

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legal technology checklist

Law Practice Management Checklist

As an attorney, your legal profession goes beyond offering quality service to your clients. While providing top-notch legal assistance is at the heart of your firm, the reality in today’s world is that a law firm is more than the service it provides: it is also a business. In all likelihood, your firm brings a […]

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mobile apps for lawyers

Clio’s Mobile App for Case Management On-the-Go

A wealth of our clients choose Clio as their legal management software—and it’s easy to see why. As one of the most comprehensive cloud legal software solutions available, it’s no wonder that Clio is a leader in the industry. Recently, Clio became even more valuable to its users with a newly updated mobile app, perfect […]

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tabs3 legal software updates

Legal Software Updates: Tabs3 Version 18

Tabs3 is a longtime trusted legal software resource. Its reliability is a valued asset to legal firms and other businesses, and its functionality has certainly expanded in recent months. Tabs3 is building on their longstanding reputation of quality to offer more functionality than ever. Their recent advances in May 2016 offer a wider range of […]

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on site computer training

What On-Site Training Can Do For You

How do you reap the benefits of software technology in the workplace? The software solutions we recommend are brimming with functionality that sometimes goes untapped because users are not familiar with all the benefits of a particular program. Protect your business from falling into this pattern by providing your employees with the resources they need […]

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