Beyond Square One provides today’s leading software consulting, implementation and training services to busy professional organizations, legal firms and corporations of various industries. Whether you are looking to maximize your software investment, increase staff knowledge, or customize a software application to better suit your business needs – we can help.
We combine industry and technical knowledge with our own real-world experience to guide and support you to the best solution for your software business needs.
Our Advantage
With over two decades of software development, implementation and training experience, we provide field tested and approved solutions to help your business grow. Our staff has received top level training, certifications and partnerships with the software we service and support. Our experience in implementing and customizing each application ensures a streamlined deployment while working closely with your staff to ensure a solid workflow and understanding of the software. As a result, your office will benefit from improved workflow solutions while maximizing your overall technology investment.

Client Focused, Service Driven.

Donna Brown

President & Founder

Amy Crump


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Our consultants have the vision to translate and streamline your everyday processes to maximize your efficiency and increase your productivity. Beyond Square One will help you analyze your current software and set realistic goals to assist in getting your organization where you want to be.


Full utilization of purchased software comes from proper customization. Beyond Square One can assist in the creation of forms, templates, macros, tools and automation that precisely fill your organization’s needs. Our professionals are prepared to do much more than just provide you with the correct software; we will help with the careful installations and trial setup of your software package and its fine-tuning and updating as needed.


Beyond Square One will analyze current workflows and software, customize the software to facilitate streamlined workflows and educate your staff from the top down. Our main priority is to blend your computers, systems and people into a productive force that goes well Beyond Square One!


Your people are critical to the success of your operation, and their training is key to successfully implementing and operating any software package. We currently offer three types of training: Classroom, One-on-One and e-learning. Each of these approaches can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. Beyond Square One is eager to make sure that your staff is fully educated in all related software so that your firm runs efficiently.

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